Browse our collection of rare books and first editions specialising in travel and discovery, including the works by explorers such as Columbus, Cook, Darwin, Drake, Krusenstern, La Perouse, Scott, and Vancouver.

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Agricultural secrets of the sixteenth century

ZOPPINO, Niccolò, 1520. 

The first text on surveying printed in English

FITZHERBERT, [?Anthony or John], 1539. 

A sea of stories

COMMIN, Vincent, probable translator, 1552. 

The rare works of Cieza de Leon and Gomara bound in one volume

CIEZA DE LEON, Pedro, and LOPEZ DE GOMARA, Francisco, 1560. 

See that your vines are well married”

COPLAND, Wyllyam [William], 1565. 

One of only two known examples complete with maps

ANANIA, Giovanni Lorenzo d’, 1573. 

Adrichom’s Holy Land in superb contemporary hand-colour

ADRICHOM, Christiaan van, 1590. 

Blagrave’s great universal instrument

BLAGRAVE, John, 1590. 

The fourth edition of Leigh’s science of surveying

LEIGH, Valentine, 1592. 

No wood no kingdome”

STANDISH, Arthur, 1611. 

Surveyors are odious to farmers”

C[HURCHE], R[ooke], 1612. 

Taking a Standish against deforestation

STANDISH, Arthur, 1613. 
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