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Duchetti’s plan of Florence

DUCHETTI, Claudio, 1580. 

The earliest printed map to focus on China

ORTELIUS, Abraham, 1584. 

Mercator’s map of the world in fine original colour

MERCATOR, Rumold, 1587. 

The first printed view of Santiago, Cape Verde

?BOAZIO, Giovanni Battista, 1588. 

The first printed view of Santo Domingo

?BOAZIO, Giovanni Battista, 1588. 

The first map to show Japan as four islands

PLANCIUS, Petrus, 1590. 

The first map to focus on Australia”

DE JODE, Gerard and DE JODE, Cornelis, 1593.

De Jode’s rare world map

DE JODE, Cornelis, 1593. 

De Jode’s map of South America

JODE, Cornelius de, 1593. 

De Jode’s rare map of China

DE JODE, Cornelius, 1593. 

De Jode’s rare map of west Asia

JODE, Cornelius de, 1593. 

Ortelius writes to his most brilliant and dearest nephew”

ORTELIUS, Abra[ham], 1595. 

Ortelius’s rare map of the Pacific, Asia, and America

ORTELIUS, Abraham, 1595.