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Belle Forest’s fine woodcut plan

BELLE FOREST, François de, 1575. 

The first separate map of Scotland to be found in a book

LESLIE, Bishop John, 1578. 

De Jode’s rare map of Russia in full original colour

JODE, Gerard de, 1578. 

De Jode’s rare map of Portugal

JODE, Gerard de, 1578. 

The first printed map of Cornwall

SAXTON, Christopher, 1579. 

Duchetti’s plan of Florence

DUCHETTI, Claudio, 1580. 

The earliest printed map to focus on China

ORTELIUS, Abraham, 1584. 

Mercator’s map of the world in fine original colour

MERCATOR, Rumold, 1587. 

The first known engraving of any locality in the present-day United States

?BOAZIO, Giovanni Battista, 1588. 

The first printed view of Santiago, Cape Verde

?BOAZIO, Giovanni Battista, 1588. 

The first printed view of Santo Domingo

?BOAZIO, Giovanni Battista, 1588. 

The first map to show Japan as four islands

PLANCIUS, Petrus, 1590. 

Blagrave’s great universal instrument

BLAGRAVE, John, 1590. 

An unrecorded solar calendar

ROSSI, Teodosio, 1591.