We offer a selection of travel and topographical prints, with a particular emphasis on rare prints of London, as well as a selection of fine art prints by artists such as Canaletto, Dürer, and Piranesi.

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Temple Bar

AUDINET, P[hilip] after COOPER, B., 1797. 

Trinity House

Anonymous, 1799. 

Westminster Bridge

ALIX, P[ierre] M[ichel], 1799. 

The Port of London as it never was

DANIELL, W[illiam], 1800. 

George Stubbs’s Tigress

STUBBS, G[eorge], [Engraved by] Robert LAURIE, 1800. 

Blackfriars Bridge

STADLER, J[oseph] C[onstantine] after BLACK, N.R., 1802. 

Keeping the dream alive

DANIELL, William, 1802. 

Blackfriars Bridge and St Pauls

TURNER, Daniel and SUTHERLAND, Thomas, 1803. 

Southwark from the North

RICHARDSON, William, 1807. 

H.P. Source

APPERT, A[rnaud]. after CHAPUIS [CHAPUYS, Nicolas Marie Joesph] [and] GUESNU [Xavier]; [printed by] CHARDON, Alfred., 1810. 

A French version of Havell’s Aeronautical View

after HAVELL Jnr., Robert, 1810. 

St Paul’s from Blackfriars

ROBSON, G[eorge] F[ennel], after BENNET, W[illiam], 1810. 

H.P. Source

APPERT, A[rnaud] after CHAPUIS [CHAPUYS, Nicolas Marie Joesph]; [printed by] CHARDON, Alfred, 1810. 

Published in Vienna

SCHÜTZ, J[oseph] after RUNK, [Friedrich Ferdinand], 1811. 

The Strand Bridge”

DUBOURG, M[atthew] after ANDERSON, W[illiam], 1811. 

St Paul’s Cathedral

LEWIS, G[eorge Robert] [after] BUCKLER, J[ohn], 1814. 

Waterloo sunset

HAVELL, D[aniel] after HASELER, H[enry], 1815. 
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