We offer a selection of travel and topographical prints, with a particular emphasis on rare prints of London, as well as a selection of fine art prints by artists such as Canaletto, Dürer, and Piranesi.

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Two tondi by a friend of Garrick

GREEN, V[alentine] and JUKES, F[rancis] after MARLOW, W[illiam], 1777. 

William IIIs Folly

WERNER, F[riederich] B[ernard], 1781. 

My real Master”

MALTON, Thomas, 1781. 

A book auction by the Colchester Hogarth’

DUNTHORNE, James junior, 1787. 

London from Islington

SWERTNER, Johannes, 1789. 

London from Islington

SWERTNER, John, 1789. 

Woolwich Dockyard

DODD, R[obert], 1789. 

The Edgware Road

PRESTAL, [Maria] C[atharina] after RATHBONE, [John], 1789. 

The Gordon Riots

HEATH, James after WHEATLEY, Francis, 1790. 

History of the River Thames

STADLER, J[oseph] C[onstantine] after FARINGTON, Joseph, 1790. 

Northcote’s striking print of the tiger

NORTHCOTE, J[ames], [Engraved by] John MURPHY, 1790. 

Coade Stone

EDY, J[ohn] W[illiam], 1791. 

A walk in the Park

SOIRON, F[rançois] D[avid] after DAYES, E[dward]; GAUGAIN, T[homas] after DAYES, E[dward], 1793. 

Westminster Bridge

MÜLLER, J.S., 1794. 


JUKES, F[rancis] after LAPORTE, J[ohn], 1795. 

Boydell’s Thames

STADLER, J[oseph] C[onstantine] after FARINGTON, J[oseph], 1795. 

Temple Bar

AUDINET, P[hilip] after COOPER, B., 1797. 
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