We offer a selection of travel and topographical prints, with a particular emphasis on rare prints of London, as well as a selection of fine art prints by artists such as Canaletto, Dürer, and Piranesi.

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Remondini binding papers


Johann Jakob Scheuchzer


Vincenzo Coronelli

CORONELLI, Vincenzo, 1706. 

St James’s Park

KIP, Johannes after KNYFF, Leonard, 1707. 

An extravagant broadsheet advertisement for Overton’s edition of Loggan

OVERTON, Henry; and HOOLE, John; after LOGGAN, David, 1710. 

London Bridge

NICHOLLS, Sutton, 1710. 

W is for Writing Master

BLAND, Thomas, 1717. 

I is for Inventor (of the Chelsea Bun!)

HOGARTH, William; and Richard HAND, 1718. 

London’s calling

KIP, Johannes, 1718. 


MANESSON-MALLET, Alain, 1719. 

Views of Kyoto

CHATELAIN, Henri Abraham, 1719. 

The Emperors’ lineage

CHATELAIN, Zacharie; and Henri Abraham CHATELAIN, 1719. 

View of Amsterdam from the south

DE LETH, Andries de [after] LAAN, Adolph van der, 1720. 

View of the Overtoom

SCHENK, Leon; [after] RADEMAKER, Abraham, 1720. 

View of Zaandam from the IJ

DE LETH, Hendrik, 1720. 

A fine eighteenth century view of the Kolveniersburgwal

STOOPENDAAL, Bastiaen, 1720. 

View of the Singel canal in Amsterdam as viewed from the Prins Hendrikkade

SCHENK, Jan [after] RADEMAKER, Abraham, 1720. 
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