We offer a selection of travel and topographical prints, with a particular emphasis on rare prints of London, as well as a selection of fine art prints by artists such as Canaletto, Dürer, and Piranesi.

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Pocock’s Premises

POCOCK, Alfred, 1860. 

Z is for Zincographer

SMITH, H.D., 1860. 

L is for Lacemaker

WOOD, Joseph Thomas, 1860. 

Lambeth Suspension Bridge

Anonymous, 1861. 

W is for Warehouseman

SHORT, John, 1861. 

B is for Bookbinder

DEED, John Simpkin, 1867. 

View of Manchester New Hampshire

ENDICOTT & CO after BACHELDER, J.B., 1868. 

Cashing in at the Bank of Love


Nineteenth century view of New York

PARSONS, Charles [and] ATWATER, Lyman, 1876. 


KELL, C.F., 1877. 

The Palace of Westminster

BUHOT, Félix, 1884. 

A foggy day

BUHOT, Félix, 1884. 

Pea Souper

GALLON, Robert, 1889. 

Monatgue Place and Torrington Square

FRITZROY DOLL, Charles, 1911. 

University of London

NORTON, C. Harold, 1912. 

Piccadilly Circus

SCHWABE, Randolph, 1918. 

A very low” bridge

MORRELL, G[eorge] F., 1926.