We offer a selection of travel and topographical prints, with a particular emphasis on rare prints of London, as well as a selection of fine art prints by artists such as Canaletto, Dürer, and Piranesi.

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W is for Watercress Farmer

TAYLOR, William, 1840. 

The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street

BOWLES, Henry Carington and CARVER, Samuel, 1840. 

N is for Nib Maker

S. LEVY & CIE, 1840. 

The first aeroplane?

WALTON, W.L., 1842. 

C is for Cutler

BRIAN, J, 1842. 

Westminster Abbey

SIMONAU, Gustave, 1843. 

The Grand Entrance to Hyde Park

ROSENBERG, R[ichard] and C[harles] after POLLARD, James, 1844. 

The Sailor King

SEBERS, L., 1844. 

The British Museum

TRULOCK, Frank, 1845. 

M is for Medley Printer


C is for Confectioner

GREATWOOD, John, 1845. 

Bank’s view of London

BANKS, J[ohn]. H[enry], by and after, 1845. 

Invoice for a Wapping chartseller

WATSON, Michael, 1845. 

A railway proposal

WHITTOCK, N[athaniel], 1845. 

Key to the City

WALTER, H. after ALLOM, Thomas [with] [?LE KEUX, J.H.], 1846. 


WRIGHT, [William], 1846. 

G is for Gunsmith

SMITH, William, 1846. 

Lavishly lithographed prospectus from the house of Day & Haghe

DAY, William; Louis HAGHE; and John HARWOOD, 1846.