M is for Medley Printer


Imprimerie et Lithographie en tous genres de T. et D. Hemelsoet

  • Author: HEMELSOET
  • Publication place: Gant
  • Publisher: Place St. Jacques No. 19
  • Publication date: 1845–1870
  • Physical description: Lithographed trade card.
  • Dimensions: 150 by 200mm. (6 by 7.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 17843


The trade card of the Hemelsoet brothers of Gent, is an excellent example of the medley” print, in which as many examples of the kinds of printing that the firm is able to produce are displayed in ordered chaos. While the current offering includes cartes-de-visite, togographical views, and maps, the firm was later known for producing funereal ephemera.