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Rare game map of the world

Picturesque Round Game of the Geography, Topography, Produce, Manufactures and Natural History of various countries of the World.
SALLIS, Willam
William Sallis, Cross Key Square, Little Britain,
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635 by 520mm (25 by 20.5 inches).


Hand-coloured lithograph map, dissected and mounted on linen, with original rule booklet, folding into original red cloth covers, tooled in blind, title in gilt to upper cover.


The player begins the game in England, where all great journeys should begin. The accompanying booklet states that, "London, its capital, is the most extensive seat of commerce in the world". From London the player travels through Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. He finally ends his journey at Raiatea, the largest of the Society Islands: from here, the player can "procure a passage in the first ship he can, and take his departure for his native place".

As well as information about the various countries of the world, the booklet gives information on indigenous flora and flora: the vultures are said to be "the most useful animals in South America; there is a penalty of five pounds, if any one is known to kill them, they being found useful in those hot climates, in removing all dead animals and other garbage upon which they feed"; and the ideal requirements for "a good sledge dog" are given in Siberia as "not less than two feet seven inches in height, and near four feet in length. A team of them usually consists of twelve".

William Sallis (1782-1865) was a bookbinder and producer of table-games and puzzles. Among his other table-games were, a 'Dioramic game of the overland route to India' (c.1852); 'Why, what and because; the road to the temple of knowledge', (c.1855); and 'The Pyramid of History' (c.1850).