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The Great Exhibition

Payne's Illustrated Plan of London.
PAYNE, Albert Henry
Published for the Proprietors by A.H. Payne,
Publication place
Dresden and Lerpzig,
Publication date
450 by 790mm. (17.75 by 31 inches).


Hand-coloured lithograph plan, extending west to east from Hyde Park to West India Docks and from north to south from Regents Park to The Oval, vignette view of London from Hampstead Heath upper right, and of the Houses of Parliament below, 6pp. guide pasted to upper pastedown, folding into red cloth covers, publisher's label pasted to upper board.


An attractive map and guide to London produced for visitors during the Great Exhibition.

The plan shows the Crystal Palace, which occupies a large part of the southern portion of Hyde Park. Railways and are clearly marked in black with main roads coloured yellow, open spaces in green, and the City of London outlined in red. Below the plan is a view of the newly reconstructed Palace of Westminster. The guide lists the sights and amusements to be seen in London and its vicinity. These include Chelsea Hospital and Gardens; Buckingham Palace; Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew; and the Tower of London.