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Arrowsmith's large and detailed map of Scotland

Map of Scotland Constructed from Original Materials obtained under the Authority of The Parliamentary Commissioners For making Roads and building Bridges In the Highlands of Scotland; With whose permission it is now published By Their much obliged and obedient Servant. A. Arrowsmith.
Published By G. F. Cruchley Mapseller & Publisher, Fleet Street,
Publication place
Publication date
March 23rd, 1858. Additions to 1860.
1830 by 1500mm. (72 by 59 inches).


Large engraved map, original hand-colour in outline, dissected and mounted on linen, inset maps of North Barra and North Rona, and St. Kilda, key to railway lines completed, in progress, and projected, geological key upper left.


Arrowsmith's large and detailed map of Scotland with geological information.

Aaron Arrowsmith's map of Scotland was first published in June 1807, and became for the next 50 years the standard outline of Scotland. By the time the present edition was published, in 1860, the map had undergone several changes, the most striking of which was the addition of geological detail in 1836. The geological information together with a key and cross-section was the work of John Macculloch (1773-1835) who between the years 1814-1831 spent each summer surveying central and southern Scotland. The excessive workload, combined with Parliament questioning the survey's great cost of a £1000 per year, led to Macculloch suffering a stroke in 1831. However, he would recover sufficiently to produce the final report and map. The completed work would be published posthumously by Samuel Arrowsmith in 1836.

The map would be re-issued later by Arrowsmith's apprentice, George Frederick Cruchley, who in 1839 brought much of the Arrowsmith's stock.