The Siege of Breda

By VALEGIO, Francesco, 1624 

Accampamento dell’essercito Spagnulo, comandato dal Sigr. Marchese Spinola, vicino all città di Breda, nella Provincia di Brabante l’anno 1624

Europe Low Countries
  • Author: VALEGIO, Francesco
  • Publication place: Venice
  • Publisher: Francesco Valegio
  • Publication date: c.1624.
  • Physical description: Engraved map.
  • Dimensions: 250 by 325mm. (9.75 by 12.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 11376


Rare Italian plan of the build-up to the siege of Breda, 1624–1625), depicting the Spanish army, commanded by Ambrogio Spinola taking up position outside the city in August 1624.

Breda was strongly fortified, with a garrison of about seven thousand men. Spinola blockaded the city, and successfully drove off two attempts to relieve the place; finally, after a siege of eleven months, the garrison, commanded by Justin of Nassau surrendered.