Southeast Asian islands

By BORDONE, Benedetto di, 1534 

Java minore; [Locaz, necumera and other Far Eastern islands]; Scilam, dondina Java minore; [Locaz, necumera and other Far Eastern islands]; Scilam, dondina

  • Author: BORDONE, Benedetto di
  • Publication place: Venice
  • Publisher: [Nicolo Zoppino]
  • Publication date: 1534
  • Physical description: Woodcut map with contemporary colour.
  • Inventory reference: 3274


Top left: Sumatra (Java minore); bottom left: islands including Thailand (Locaz) shown detached from the mainland; right: Sumatra again, misidentified as Sri Lanka, and the mythical island of Dondina, supposedly inhabited by cannibals. Bordone was the first cartographer to publish individual maps of the Southeast Asian islands. All 85 by 145 cm.


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