We specialise in rare and historic maps, dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Buy rare, vintage, and antique maps, town plans, and sea charts depicting the UK, America, Asia, Africa, and all parts of the world.

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Seventeenth century Antwerp

VRIENTS, Jan Baptist, 1652. 

Sanson’s Moluccas

SANSON, Nicolas, 1652. 

Sanson’s Philippines

SANSON, Nicolas, 1654. 

Thomas Porter’s exceptionally rare plan of London

PORTER, T[homas], 1655. 

From the first Western atlas of China.

BLAEU, Johannes, 1655. 

Early printed chart of the Malacca and Singapore Straits

JANSSONIUS, Johannes, 1657. 

The heart of VOC territory in Southeast Asia

JANSSONIUS, Johannes, 1657. 

Early printed map showing the east coast of Borneo

JANSSONIUS, Johannes, 1657. 

Playing for peace and territorial sovereignty

DU VAL, Pierre, 1660. 

Map of Edo

TAKAI, Ranzan, 1661. 

A rare chart of the East Indies

LOON, Johannes van, 1661. 

Dudley’s chart of southern India

DUDLEY, Robert, 1661. 

The Sunda Strait

DUDLEY, Robert, 1661. 

The Golden Age of the Dutch Republic

STALPAERT, Daniel, 1662. 
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