We specialise in rare and historic maps, dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Buy rare, vintage, and antique maps, town plans, and sea charts depicting the UK, America, Asia, Africa, and all parts of the world.

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Speed’s map of Herefordshire

SPEED, John, 1627. 

Blaeu’s rare chart of west Cornwall

BLAEU, Willem, 1627. 

Speed’s map of Northamptonshire

SPEED, John, 1627. 

Speed’s map of Westmorland

SPEED, John, 1627. 

Speed’s map of the Isle of Man

SPEED, John, 1627. 

Speed’s map of Brecknockshire

SPEED, John, 1627. 

Speed’s map of Carmarthenshire

SPEED, John, 1627. 

The Susa Valley

Anonymous, 1629. 

The Siege of the Swamp Dragon

NIELS, Theodoor; SAVERIJ, Salomon [engraved figures after] VENNE, Adriaan van de; BERCKENRODE, Balthasar Florensz van [engraved map], 1631. 

The first printed large-scale chart of the Spice Islands

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon, 1638. 

A fine portolan chart by Cavallini

CAVALLINI, Gio[vanni] Batt[ista], 1642. 

Dudley’s map of southern India

DUDLEY, Robert, 1646. 

Janssonius’ new miniature edition of the Mercator-Hondius atlas

JANSSONIUS, Johannes and KAERIUS, Petrus, 1648. 

Seventheenth century Leiden

RIVET, Claude, 1650. 
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