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The cradle of the computer industry

HOBURG, Maryanne Regal, 1983. 

The cradle of the computer industry

HOBURG, Maryanne Regal, 1983. 

This is Frat Row”

FORD, Mark and Wayne HARLOW, 1983. 

A view of the world from Silicon Valley: a promotional parody of the iconic New Yorker cover

SCUDDER, Kirby [for] Video Seven Inc., 1986. 

Helloooo Frisco: A Map for Friends of Dorothy

ZELL-BREIER, Rob, 1989. 

Welcome to Palo Alto

Anonymous, 1990. 

Seagate’s promotional poster map of Silicon Valley

BACH PHI, P. [for Seagate Technology], 1991. 

Silicon Valley in 1992

MIKKELSEN [for Amdahl Corporation], 1992. 

The Great Bear

PATTERSON, Simon, 1992. 

Possibly the first map of the Internet

DOWNS, Timothy Edward, 1994. 

Cisco’s Original Silicon Valley Map and Calendar”

GATTO, Diane [for] Cisco Systems, 1995. 

Once you’ve finished with all the useful stuff you’ll want something entertaining”

RANDALL, Neil; and Timothy Edward DOWNS, 1995. 

London, as an island

WALTER, Stephen, 2007. 
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