We specialise in rare and historic maps, dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Buy rare, vintage, and antique maps, town plans, and sea charts depicting the UK, America, Asia, Africa, and all parts of the world.

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The first printed plan of Amsterdam

ANTHONISZ, Cornelis, 1553. 

The world according to Charles V’s cartographer

DE GIRAVA, Gerónimo , 1556. 

The first printed map of Northeastern America

RAMUSIO, Giovanni Battista, and GASTALDI, Giacomo, 1556. 

Gastaldi’s hemispherical map of the Americas

RAMUSIO, Giovanni Battista and GASTALDI, Giacomo, 1556. 

Franciscus’s map of the Holy Land


Ligorio’s rare map of Flanders

LIGORIO, Pirro, 1558. 

The first geocentric celestial maps

HONTER, Johannes and MOREL, Guillaume, 1559. 

A Plat of King’s Lyn

BELL, Henry, 1561. 

Gastaldi’s seminal map of Southeast Asia

GASTALDI, Giacomo, FORLANI, Paolo & BERTELLI, Ferrando, 1562. 

Salamanca and Lafreri’s double-cordiform world

SALAMANCA, Antonio, 1564. 

Forlani’s magnificent plan of Venice

FORLANI, Paolo; ZALTIERI, Bolognini, 1566. 

Forlani’s map of the Holy Land

FORLANI, Paolo, 1566. 

The earliest extant plan of London

BRAUN, Georg and HOGENBERG, Franz, 1574. 

Belle Forest’s fine woodcut plan

BELLE FOREST, François de, 1575.