Kuril Islands by Hendrik Klockhoff after Bellin

By KLOCKHOFF, Hendrik after Jacques Nicolas BELLIN, 1779 

Carte des Isles Kouriles, d’après la Carte Russe. Dressée et Gravée Pour l’Histoire Generale des Voyages

Europe Russia
  • Author: KLOCKHOFF, Hendrik after Jacques Nicolas BELLIN
  • Publication place: [Amsterdam
  • Publisher: Covens and Mortier
  • Publication date: 1779].
  • Physical description: Engraved map.
  • Dimensions: 271 by 312mm. (10.75 by 12.25 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 15899


A map of the Kuril Islands by Hendrik Klockhoff (fl.1777–1798), a Dutch engraver active in Amsterdam.

Klockhoff has re-engraved a map prepared by Jacques Nicolas Bellin for the Abbé Prévost’s Histoire des Voyages’, which was in turn based on a larger Dutch map of Russia.