Bordone’s world map

By BORDONE, Benedetto di, 1534 

World map World map

  • Author: BORDONE, Benedetto di
  • Publication place: Venice
  • Publisher: [Nicolo Zoppino]
  • Publication date: 1534
  • Physical description: Woodcut map.
  • Dimensions: 215 by 380mm. (8.5 by 15 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 3212


Bordone’s world map was the first widely circulated map showing the world on an oval projection (after Franco Rosselli’s 1508 version) and the first to appear in an Isolario’. Bordone’s rendering of the Americas and Africa are modern. The Americas (Novo Mondo) appear on the left, but in drastically reduced form. Unlike Rosselli’s map, Bordone shows open water between the two continents and does not join North America and Asia. India and Ceylon remain Ptolemaic. Southeast Asia is modelled after the typical thinking of the time, a large subcontinent offsetting the Austronesian islands to the south. The outline of Japan is hypothetical, based on Marco Polo’s textual account. 


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