A tourist map of Hong Kong


The Seafarer’s Chart” of Hong Kong This chart” greets you with best wishes for a happy stay in this British Crown Colony.

Asia China
  • Publication place: Hong Kong
  • Publisher: Port Welfare Committee
  • Publication date: 1950s
  • Physical description: Lithographed folding map, printed in blue and black, guide to the city on verso.
  • Dimensions: 1010 by 680mm (39.75 by 26.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 12628


A tourist map of Hong Kong produced by the Port Welfare Committee, an organisation set up to support seafarers in the city. On the back is a guide containing information on places of worship, public services and entertainment, with photographs of important buildings. On the map itself, dotted blue lines mark the paths of the ferries between the Kowloon and Hong Kong sides of the city, and the map key numbers and letters and place names are printed in blue as well. A blue square on the Hong Kong side outlines the area covered by the inset map at the top left hand corner. There is a photograph of the port on the upper cover. 

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