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Trapezoid projection of the Caspian Sea

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius, 1490. 

Northern Africa

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius, 1490. 

An intermediate state?

REISCH, Gregor, 1504. 

Ukraine and Russia

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius, 1507. 

The second printed map of Turkey

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius, 1507. 

The first map devoted to America to appear in an atlas

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius and Martin WALDSEEMULLER, 1513. 

The Admiral’s map

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; Martin WALDESEEMULLER , 1513. 

Waldeseemuller’s map of Scandinavia


The first modern” map devoted to Asia

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; and Martin, WALDESEEMULLER, 1513. 

Kingdoms of gold and silver

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; FRIES, Laurent; and GRÜNINGER, Johann, 1522. 

The first printed map of European origin devoted to Southeast Asia and its islands” (Suarez)

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; FRIES, Laurent; and GRÜNINGER, Johann, 1522. 

Fries! You are under arrest for plagiarism.

FRIES, Lorenz; after Martin WALDSEEMÜLLER, 1525. 

Fries’s map of the New World

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; Michael VILLANOVANUS, known as SERVETUS and Laurent FRIES, 1541. 

The first printed plan of Amsterdam

ANTHONISZ, Cornelis, 1553. 
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