Rare uncut sheets for an armillary sphere

By ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, Gilles and Didier, 1754 

Uncut sheets for an armillary sphere

Planetaria, calendars, and dials
  • Author: ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, Gilles and Didier
  • Publication place: Paris
  • Publisher: ches Sr. Robert. Geographe ordinaire du Roi. Sur le Quai de l’horloge
  • Publication date: 1754.
  • Physical description: Four sheets containing horizon and ecliptic rings, hour ring, arctic ring, four arcs for tropic of cancer, colure for the solstices, calendrical horizon, antarctic ring, four arcs for tropic of capricorn, colures for the equinoxes, meridian ring.
  • Dimensions: (diameter of horizon ring) 340mm. (13.5 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 2391


Gilles Robert de Vaugondy (1688–1766) and his son Didier (c. 1723- 1786) were among the leading cartographers working in eighteenth century Paris. The father and son team were related to the great French cartographer Nicolas Sanson, whose grandson, Pierre Moulard-Sanson, was Gilles’s uncle. upon the death of Pierre in 1730, Gilles acquired the large Sanson stock and, in 1734, was appointed geographer to the king.

The author of the present work was most probably Gilles, as the imprint has been engraved upon the meridian ring A Paris chez Sr. Robert. Geographe ordinaire du Roi. Sur le Quai de l’horloge 1754’. his son Didier applied his imprint via a printed label.