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Rare and antique globes, planetaria, celestial models, pocket globes, scientific instruments, and navigational and surveying tools.

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A Cyrillic globe

KROTOVII, 1849. 

Sign on the meridian line

Anonymous, 1850. 


DIXEY, C. W. & Sons, 1850. 

A memento of the Klinger globe dynasty

KLINGER, Johann Georg, 1850. 

Shape-shifting cartography

BETTS, John, 1860. 

Letter Opener

Anonymous, 1893. 

Nautical instrument maker’s shop sign

Anonymous, 1900. 

Life on Mars

BRUN, Emmy Ingeborg, 1909. 

Nine-Star Ki

Anonymous, 1950. 

The oldest surviving terrestrial globe

BEHAIM, Martin, 1992. 
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