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Rare and antique globes, planetaria, celestial models, pocket globes, scientific instruments, and navigational and surveying tools.

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Owhyhee / Here C. Cook / was Kill’d”

LANE, N[icholas], 1776. 

Rare planisphere

FLECHEUX, 1778. 

Newton’s first pocket globe

NEWTON, J[ohn], 1783. 

Doppelmayr expands his horizons

DOPPELMAYR, Johann Gabriel, 1789. 

A unique manuscript lunar astrolabe

Anonymous, 1800. 

The Solar System in a box

BLUNT, Thomas, 1800. 

An early identification of the Mackenzie River

NEWTON, John, 1800. 

Parts for a Klinger globe

KLINGER, Johann Georg, 1800. 

Cook’s going out 1776”

ADAMS, Dudley, 1808. 

Beware of the Ice Sea”

ADAMS, Dudley, 1808. 

Bauer’s miniature nesting globes

BAUER, J[ohann] B[ernard], 1810. 

Rare Napoleonic era perpetual calendar

GAUTIE: IR PS, 1812. 

Miersch’s Star Clock”

MIERSCH, J.G., 1822. 

Following the footsteps of Captain Biscoe

NEWTON, [John], NEWTON, William and NEWTON, Edward, 1833. 

Looking up

[DES-ROIS, Ginot], as Mlle. Ginot DesRoy”, 1847. 

A Cyrillic globe

KROTOVII, 1849. 


DIXEY, C. W. & Sons, 1850. 

A memento of the Klinger globe dynasty

KLINGER, Johann Georg, 1850.