An early twentieth century Theodolite

By GLUCK, Isidoro, 1900 


Surveying and navigational instruments
  • Author: GLUCK, Isidoro
  • Publication place: Mexico City
  • Publisher: [Isidoro Gluck, 3a Calle de San Francisco N.6
  • Publication date: c1900].
  • Physical description: Bronze and brass theodolite, mahogany support and box, compass signed Isidoro Gluck Mexico DF and numbered 201; two paper labels pasted on the inside of the door, one marked Transito Gluck #201. 7–2241’ and one Garavaglia y Sanchez Mex DF’.
  • Inventory reference: 12772


Isidoro Gluck was an American merchant based in Mexico City. He originally sold optical equipment but added engineering supplies and drawing materials when surveyors became important customers. Among his inventory he sold theodolites, scales, dials, compasses, barometers, thermometers. He was the only manufacturer of glasses in Mexico at the time. 


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