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Rare and antique globes, planetaria, celestial models, pocket globes, scientific instruments, and navigational and surveying tools.

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An unrecorded solar calendar

ROSSI, Teodosio, 1591. 

An early perpetual calendar

TORO, Ortensio, 1594. 

Rare treatise on the chalice sundial

BRENTEL, Georg, 1615. 

Amongst the rarest to survive”

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon, 1621. 

An apparently unrecorded dial

HEIDEN, Jacobus ab, 1630. 

The apotheosis of the Golden Age of Dutch cartography

BLAEU, Willem, 1645. 

Rare treatise on Sundials

SEITZ, David, 1649. 

Vooght’s rare star chart and astronomical calculator

VOOGHT, Claes Jansz. [after] Jan Jansz STAMPIOEN, 1680. 

A dead man’s chest…

Anonymous, 1690. 

Lusvergh’s sales catalogue of artists’ drawing and optical instruments, including Galileo’s Sector

LUSVERGH, Domenico and LUSVERG [LUSVERGH], Jacobus [Giacomo]., 1698. 

Homann’s rare pocket armillary

HOMANN, Johann Baptist, 1702. 

A perpetual calendar fit for a King…

Anonymous, 1710. 

The Copernican solar system

PIGEON D’OSANGI, Jean, 1713. 
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