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The Objects with the Most Intriguing Provenance at TEFAF Maastricht

6 March 2020

From a Hellenistic sculpture owned by Andy Warhol to an astronomy book from Mary, Queen of Scots, these incredible works of art boast illustrious histories.

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Stylish Aesthetes Came Out to the Winter Show’s Young Collectors Night

31 January 2020

If antiquarians are often considered men and women of a certain age, Thursday’s Young Collectors Night at the Winter Show, which lures a mass of well-heeled 20-somethings to the Park Avenue Armory, certainly challenged that notion. Not only did the 700-plus attendees browse art and antiques from the world’s most preeminent galleries, but they also had some serious fun in the process.

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A First Look At The Winter Show

28 January 2020

NEW YORK CITY – Diversity has long been the watchword of the Winter Show, which this year signaled its inclusiveness in ever more ways. The fair, which previewed on January 23 and continues at the Park Avenue Armory through February 2, has always favored quality over quantity, seeking to offer the best of the best from the ancient to the contemporary. If anything, it was even broader this year.

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Object lessons: from a manuscript globe of Mars to a Baroque female self-portrait

27 January 2020

Our pick of the highlights from this week’s fairs and auctions

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Celebrating art across globe at NYC’s Winter Show

24 January 2020

NEW YORK, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) — There is no question the interaction of art over the centuries has been a unifying and dignifying factor in the world’s history, said 83-year-old Philippe de Montebello, a renowned museum director, at Thursday’s preview of the Winter Show 2020 in New York City.

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Worlds Within Worlds Mix It Up at the Winter Show

23 January 2020

The venerable fair may have changed its name, but it has not forsaken its passion for quality.

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Time travellers are packing their suitcases for New York this week

21 January 2020

The Winter Show, which gets underway in New York this Friday, is a celebration of world cultures, from antiquity to the present.

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Editors’ Picks

20 January 2020

20 Things Not to Miss in New York’s Art World This Week

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Bathroom Reading

13 January 2020

This 18th Century Toilet Was Disguised as a Book

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The Best 18th-Century Toilets Were Designed to Look Like Books

9 January 2020

READING MATERIAL AND TOILETS HAVE a special relationship. Stacks of magazines are as common a fixture of many washrooms as toilet paper, toothpaste, or towels. 

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Story time

28 October 2019

A wealth of objects shelter under the great Asian art’ umbrella — together representing five millennia of artistic endeavour across one quarter of the globe.

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