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Inside the secretive world of the art-fair vetting committee

3 September 2021

Before a fair opens, experts check that every work for sale is exactly what the gallerists say it is

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A Conversation with Daniel Crouch

13 July 2021

Books, maps, and globes are all areas that generate emotion for any interested buyer and Daniel Crouch is keenly aware of these connections.

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A World of Wonder

14 June 2021

Jenny Oldaker explores the enduring appeal of antique maps, and the compelling stories that reside within them…

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Literature’s Most Curious Creations

6 April 2021

A new book takes readers into collector Edward Brooke-Hitching’s madman’s library”

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BADA Friends returns to in-person events this summer

27 March 2021

BADA Friends, part of The British Antique Dealers’ Association, ran a virtual schedule through lockdown but is returning to physical events.

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Ancient Stargazing Marvel Seeks $1.1 Million at Auction

19 March 2021

This exceptionally rare, gilt brass astrolabe helped orient travelers toward Mecca.

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Blended Spirits: A Curious Objects Cocktail Hour at the Winter Show

29 January 2021

From an early Renaissance list of statutes stipulating the amount of wine that every man, woman, and child of Bologna would receive daily, to a chunky twentieth-century cocktail ring, you’ll hear about wacky objects and the wild stories behind them from some of the Winter Show’s most irreverent dealers: Daniel Crouch (Daniel Crouch Rare Books), Carrie Imberman (Kentshire), and Keegan Goepfert (Les Enluminures).

Listen to the podcast here.

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Public cash call to help keep Armada maps in the UK

3 November 2020

The National Museum of the Royal Navy hopes to raise £600,000 to stop the export of a group of hand-drawn Armada maps to an overseas buyer.

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Can the Spanish Armada maps be saved for the nation?

30 October 2020

Nearly 450 years after the historic battles, a new war is raging over the fate of the treasured documents to stop them leaving the country

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The Bigger Picture Podcast

21 October 2020

A conversation with Daniel Crouch, Tom Noon

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Capital Idea

14 September 2020

Maps are both decorative and lend a wonderful historic insight — none more so than those of London

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When maps and caricatures collide

14 August 2020

The golden age of the comic and serio-comic maps extends from the middle of the nineteenth century to the dawn of the Second World War. Spurred by revolutions and wars, satirists and cartoonists channelled the contemporary political climate into maps that transformed countries into a variety of stereotypes, often in the form of animals and parodied political figures. The clever and witty exchanges between these caricatured figures on the map offered an entertaining visual representation of current events that had a broad appeal. These caricature maps carry two distinct yet intertwined functions — to educate us with their insightful depictions of political relationships while also entertaining us by presenting these relationships in a humorous way.

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