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BADA Friends returns to in-person events this summer

27 March 2021

BADA Friends, part of The British Antique Dealers’ Association, ran a virtual schedule through lockdown but is returning to physical events.

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TEFAF 2019: The talking points

11 March 2019

The influence of its new international iteration in New York and the demands of collectors mean that the venerable Maastricht art fair is inviting and embracing change. Malcolm Cossons looks at the key developments at this year’s edition

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Will American buyers show up to Tefaf Maastricht?

10 March 2017

With two new New York editions, and US collectors curtailing international travel for economic and political reasons, some dealers are sceptical—but remain hopeful

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Peak Bard

22 April 2016

I took a tour of Shakespeare’s England yesterday morning – without leaving central London.

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Old maps: stories in cartography

28 March 2014

Maps from centuries past served a dual purpose. They had a practical use as guides for explorers and navigators. But maps also highlighted places unknown to populations curious about what lay beyond their shores. Daniel Crouch specialises in antique maps, atlases and sea charts. He founded his company Daniel Crouch Rare Books in 2011 and has a collection of some of the world’s oldest and rarest maps. Crouch says: People have a fascination in exploration and discovery. Maps are not only beautiful works of art but scientifically fascinating and historically interesting.”

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London on the map

23 January 2012

Maps offer slices of the history of our ever-changing capital and Daniel Crouch has myriad rare examples on offer, says Godfrey Barker.

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Value set at more than $600K

2 February 2011

It began with a stunning discovery last year in the attic of a Scottish estate: a previously unknown, 312 year-old hand-drawn map of Canada by John Thornton, one of the leading cartographers of 17th-century Europe.

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Extraordinary Works from Medieval Europe to 20th-Century Korea: Frieze Masters at Frieze Seoul 2022

30 June 2022

Discover masterpieces from throughout the ages, including illuminated manuscripts and iconic works by Henri Matisse, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nam June Paik and more

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The Objects with the Most Intriguing Provenance at TEFAF Maastricht

6 March 2020

From a Hellenistic sculpture owned by Andy Warhol to an astronomy book from Mary, Queen of Scots, these incredible works of art boast illustrious histories.

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With An Injection Of Funding From Art Basel Parent MCH…

5 July 2018

With An Injection Of Funding From Art Basel Parent MCH, Cross-Collecting Fair Masterpiece Presents High-End Objects For All

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How London barely changed in 300 years

18 October 2016

At first glance they look like entirely different cities – one its skyline dominated by church spires and palaces, the other a modern tangle of skyscapers and tower blocks.

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The Map that Changed the World’ 200 years ago.

3 August 2015

Daniel on Will Gompertz BBCRadio Oxford show, talking about the map that changed the world’.

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