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Old maps show Daniel the route to millions

5 September 2014

One of the earliest maps of London is being put on show in the capital this week by a Jewish expert.

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London fair boasts a cornucopia of antique maps and globes for sale

15 June 2012

The rivers that make their way beneath London’s streets to the Thames have an enduring fascination for many people. Since 1962 the classic work on the subject has been Nicholas Barton’s The Lost Rivers of London, which stood alone in its several editions until last year. Then, such is the synchronicity of publishing, it was joined by books by Paul Tilling, Tom Bolton and Stephen Myers. Myers, whose Walking on Water: London s Hidden Rivers Revealed deals with seven northem watercours-es, is a professional water engineer and he has mapped them more precisely than ever before.

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Nautical auctioneering: Georgina Adams dips into the vintage travel market

26 February 2011

With the world’s super-wealthy flitting between multiple homes, and sometimes even multiple yachts, one aspect of collecting is thriving. Anything to do with travel is growing, apparently: from antique maps, atlases and globes to vintage trunks, binoculars, travel books and photographs.

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Capital Idea

14 September 2020

Maps are both decorative and lend a wonderful historic insight — none more so than those of London

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