Chatelain family

Zacharie Châtelain (d1723) was the father of Henri Abraham (1684–1743) and Zacharie Junior (1690–1754). They worked as a partnership publishing the Atlas historique, ou Nouvelle introduction à l’Histoire, à la Chronologie & à la Géographie Ancienne et Moderne…’ under several different Châtelain imprints, depending on the Châtelain family partnerships at the time of publication. The Atlas…’ was published in seven volumes between 1705 and 1720, with a second edition appearing in 1732. The maps were accompanied by information pertaining to cosmography, geography, history, chronology, genealogy, topography, heraldry, and costume of the world. The maps in the Atlas Historique…’ were mainly based on those of the French cartographer, Guillaume De L’Isle, but were presented by the Châtelains in an encyclopaedia form.