A guide to your collection

Are you new to collecting maps? Would you like guidance on how to handle the books and maps in your collection?

Look no further. We have put together articles on a number of subjects related to your collection with interactive videos and tutorials. 

Starting your collection

Maps are the perfect collectors’ item as they appeal to our innate curiosity to answer questions such as where am I?” and what time is it?” 

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A Note on Colour

When it comes to collecting maps, no topic is more divisive or confusing as colour: is it original? And what does original colour mean? How can you tell?

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Handling your books and maps

We are often asked how one should handle rare books, maps, scientific instruments and other apparently fragile material.

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Storing your books and prints

We are often asked how to store books, maps, and other works of art on paper. Our first answer is, of course, bought from us and in large quantities”, but we also offer the following, slightly more helpful, specific advice for both books and maps.

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Framing and hanging your maps and prints

Once you have decided on the exciting elements of choosing a frame, such as the finish and mounting style, do not forget to think about how you will hang the finished piece on your wall. We have broken down the various elements for you to consider when preparing to hang your newly framed map.

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