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Lavatory Humour, 1750. 

La Pomme Verte”

DIDEROT, Denis [and] D’ALEMBERT, Jean Le Rond, 1751. 

The universal planisphere

DUNN, Samuel, 1759. 

A triumph of Venetian rococo book design

ZATTA, Antonio [VISENTINI, Antonio], 1761. 

Catalogue of Louis-Charles Desnos

DESNOS, [Louis-Charles], 1765. 

The Romanov copy of the account of an expedition to the Levant

PLESHCHEYEV, Sergey Ivanovich, 1772. 

Manuscript inventory for an important Spanish cartographical library

DE AGUIRRE, Domingo; and others, 1773. 

D’Anville’s maps of China

D’ANVILLE, [Jean Baptiste Bourguignon], 1776. 

One of the earliest European chronicles of the American War of Independence

KORN, Christoph Heinrich [attr.], 1777. 

Index to Rouge’s Mitchell Map

LE ROUGE, George Louis, 1777. 

Cook in Parts!

ANDERSON, George William pseud., 1785. 

Joseph Huddart’s Certificate of Admittance to Trinity House, the Lighthouse Authority

HUDDART, Joseph; Charles WILDBORE; and Hector ROSE, 1790. 

Rare first edition of woodworker’s manual

BERGERON, [Louis-Eloy] [but Louis-Georges-Isaac SALIVET], 1792. 

A guide to sailing to Jamaica

GAULD, George, 1795. 

An innovative globe

COVENS, Cornelius, 1802. 

The first scientific analysis of the American Southwest

HUMBOLDT, Alexander von [and] Aime J.A. BONPLAND, 1811.