Browse our collection of rare books and first editions specialising in travel and discovery, including the works by explorers such as Columbus, Cook, Darwin, Drake, Krusenstern, La Perouse, Scott, and Vancouver.

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The first printed English signals book

GREENWOOD, Jonathan, 1714. 

The first printed English signals book

GREENWOOD, Jonathan, 1715. 

after Olfert

HALMA, Franciscus; DAPPER, Olfert; and Nicolas SANSON, 1717. 

The most cited source on forest law

NELSON, William [after MANWOOD, John], 1717. 

Regular irregularity” in landscape gardening

LANGLEY, Batty, 1728. 

Timber for the last Age of the World”

LANGLEY, Batty, 1728. 

A Batty guide to planting

LANGLEY, Batty, 1741. 

Michele Marieschi’s suite of views of Venice

MARIESCHI, Michele, 1741. 

The most vocal supporter of the Northwest Passage

DOBBS, Arthur, 1744. 

Caught short? Never settle for bog-standard again!

Lavatory Humour, 1750. 

Louis XV’s intentions in the Caribbean

BELLIN, Jacques Nicolas, 1758. 

The universal planisphere

DUNN, Samuel, 1759. 

A triumph of Venetian rococo book design

ZATTA, Antonio [VISENTINI, Antonio], 1761.