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A monumental record of Britain’s ecclesiastical architecture

DUGDALE, sir William & Roger DODSWORTH, 1655. 

The first separate map of Barbados

LIGON, Richard, 1657. 

All creatures great and small

HOLLAR, Wenceslaus, 1663. 

First edition

SANDFORD, Francis, 1677. 

Blome’s Jamaica

BLOME, Richard, 1678. 

Visscher family catalogue

VISSCHER, Nicolaes, 1682. 

With the Arms of the Sun King

LA HIRE, Philippe de, 1704. 

The Sea Venture founders

HAWKINS, Sir Richard, 1706. 

The first printed English signals book

GREENWOOD, Jonathan, 1715. 

Eighteenth century Oxford

WILLIAMS, William, 1732. 

The most vocal supporter of the Northwest Passage

DOBBS, Arthur, 1744.