Imago Mundi No. 31

By The Journal of the International Society for the History of Cartography, 1979 

Imago Mundi No. 31 (Second Series, Volume 4)

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  • Author: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Cartography
  • Publication place: Lympne Castle, Kent
  • Publisher: Imago Mundi Ltd.
  • Publication date: 1979.
  • Physical description: Hardcover, bound in blue cloth, 144 pages.Articles include:‘The Han maps: New light on cartography in classical China’, Kuei-sheng Chang; Non-Mediterranean influences that shaped the Atlantic in the early Portolan charts’, J.E. Kelley Jr.; Willem Jansz. Blaeu’s wall map of the world, on Mercator’s projection, 1606–7 and its influence’, Gunter Schilder; The Montresor-Ratzer-Sauthier sequence of maps of New York City, 1766–76’, W. P. Cumming; The atlas of Europe attributed to Gerard Mercator’, Sarah Tyacke; The subscription list of the 1757 atlas Universel: A study in cartographic dissemination’, Mary Sponberg Pedley; The new world in the Pesaro map’, Margaret S. Dilke & A. Brancati; A newly discovered map of Ettrick forest, Scotland by Robert Gordon of Straloch: Implications for sources consulted by Joan Blaeu’, J.C. Stone; The maps of Estonia published by the academy of sciences, St. Petersburg in the eighteenth century’, E. Varep; An addendum to Kaloyeros”, W. Sidney Allen.
  • Inventory reference: 2011

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