Imago Mundi No. 29

By The Journal of the International Society for the History of Cartography, 1977 

Imago Mundi No. 29 (Second Series, Volume 3)

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  • Author: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Cartography
  • Publication place: Lympne Castle, Kent
  • Publisher: Imago Mundi Ltd.
  • Publication date: 1977.
  • Physical description: Hardcover, bound in blue cloth, 128 pages.Articles include:‘William Roy’s maps, mathematical instruments and library: The Christie’s sale of 1790’, J. B. Harley & Gwyn Walters; Thomas Hornor: Pictural land surveyor’, Ralph Hyde; Notes on the various issues of Sir Richard Griffith’s quarter-inch Geological Map of Ireland, 1839–1855’, Gordon L. Davies; Viglius of Aytta, sixteenth century map collector’, E. H. Waterbolk; Kosciuzko as Military Cartographer and Engineer in America’, Peter J. Guthorn; Kaloyeros: An Atlantis in microcosm?’, W. Sidney Allen; An early chart of the mediterranean by Nicholas Comberford, 1626’, T. R. Smith; Peter Gedda’s Maritime atlas of the Baltic, 1695’, Ulla Ehrensvard; A Proposed photographic method of assessing the accuracy of old maps’, Harry Margary.
  • Inventory reference: 2008

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