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A sea of stories

COMMIN, Vincent, probable translator, 1552. 

The rare works of Cieza de Leon and Gomara bound in one volume

CIEZA DE LEON, Pedro, and LOPEZ DE GOMARA, Francisco, 1560. 

One of only two known examples complete with maps

ANANIA, Giovanni Lorenzo d’, 1573. 

Adrichom’s Holy Land in superb contemporary hand-colour

ADRICHOM, Christiaan van, 1590. 

Ortelius writes to his most brilliant and dearest nephew”

ORTELIUS, Abra[ham], 1595. 

all the knowledge and learning related to the East and West Indies” (Hill)

LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van, 1598. 

With a glimpse of the great south continent

ORTELIUS, Abraham, 1598. 

Bound in red morocco for The True Queen of France”

VEER, Gerrit de, 1604. 

Antonio Canovas del Castillo’s copy


The first town plan of anywhere in the present-day United States”

HERRERA [Y TORDESILLAS], A de, [JACOB Le Maire, Willem CORNELIS SCHOUTEN, Giovanni Battista BOAZIO], et al., 1622. 

An album of engravings from the most famous natural history artists of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, collected and bound for an English patron

WOUTNEEL, Hans; Crispin de PASSE, the elder and younger; and VISSCHER, Claez Jansz, after Jacob and Joris HOEFNAGEL, Assuerus van LONDERSEEL, Nicolaes de BRUYN, and Adrian COLLAERT, 1630. 

One of the earliest printed sea charts of the Bay of Bengal

JANSSONIUS, Johannes, 1650. 

Blaeu’s user’s manual for globes, spheres and sundials

BLAEU, Willem, 1652. 

Blaeu’s user’s manual for globes, spheres and sundials

BLAEU, Willem, 1652. 
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