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First atlas of China made in Europe

BLAEU, Jean 

The first atlas illustrated with woodcut maps

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; translated by ANGELUS, Jacobus, and edited by Nicolaus GERMANUS., 1482. 

The geometrization of space: the most important of all the Ptolemy editions”

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; and Martin WALDSEEMULLER, 1513. 

Servetus — the expurgated edition — with contemporary hand-colour

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; and Michael VILLANOVANUS, known as SERVETUS’, 1541. 

A Scottish astronomer of considerable reputation”

BASSANTIN, Jacques, 1557. 

Bordone’s Isolario in contemporary binding

BORDONE, Benedetto di, 1565. 

Rare miniature atlas

BERTIUS, Petrus, 1603. 

The first atlas’

MERCATOR, Gerard; Jodocus HONDIUS, 1613. 

First edition of Magini’s Italia

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio, and Fabio, 1620. 

From the inventory of the Van Keulen family of cartographers

CLOPPENBURG, Johannes, 1630. 
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