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"the earliest Dutch Sea Chart of the Maritimes"

Klaer-Lichtende Noort-Star oste zee-atlas; waer in vertoont worde, De gelegentheydt van alle de Zee-kusten des geheelen Aerdtbodems, Nieuwelicks uyt-gegeven, door Joannes van Loon.
LOON, Johannes van
By Joannes van Loon, Plaet-snijder en Zee-kaert-maker, buyten de S. Antonispoort, aem't Kerck-hof, in't Lelystraetje.
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Folio (485 by 305mm), hand-coloured engraved title-page with title and imprint on letterpress paste-over flanked by the figures of Peter Medina and Edward Wright above a vignette of ships sailing towards the North Star, and 34 double-page engraved maps, hand-coloured in outline, contemporary calf, rebacked and recornered, spine in eight compartments separated by raised bands.


Johannes van Loon (1611-1686) "was an accomplished mathematician and astronomer. His earliest cartographic works were with Theunisz Jacobs in the 1640s. From 1650 he worked with Joannes Janssonius, engraving amongst other works the plates for his celestial atlas by Cellarius, 1660. In 1661, he published his first work with his brother, Gilles; the 'Zee Atlas' containing thirty-five maps. In 1666 the plates were sold to Jan Jansson van Waesberge, with whom he then co-published the atlas. This edition was expanded to forty-seven maps, and by 1676 there were fifty" (Burden).

The atlas contains many important charts, including:
1. 'Pas-caerte van Groenland Ysland, Straet Davids en Ian Mayen eyland; hoemen de selvige van Hitland en de noord kusten van van Schotlandt en Yrlandt bezeylen mach 't Amsterdam by Iohannes van Loon plaet-snyder en zee caert maker' - a chart of the North Atlantic, derived from Hendrick Doncker's of 1659, which in turn followed Pieter Goos' original design, second state, Burden 364.
2. 'Pascaert van Ruslant, Laplant, Finmarcken, Spitsbergen en Nova Zembla. 't Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon Plaetsnyder en Zeecaertmaker'.
3. 'Pascaerte Vande Noort zee, Vertonende van Cales tot Dronten, en tusschen Doeveren en Hitlandt, al de gelegentheyt van havens bayen en revieren, alles op syn behoorlycke cours, veerheyt en brete, mede wat diepte, droogte, en anckergront men op ider plaets heeft. Nieulyckx int licht gebracht. 't Amsterdam By Iohannes van Loon, Plaetsnyder en Zee-caert-maecker'.
4. 'Pascaerte Van't Westelyckste deel van Oost Indien, en de Eylanden daer onder begrepen, van C. de Bona Esperança tot C. Comorin. 't Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon, Plaetsnyder en Zee-caert-maker'.
5. 'Pascaerte van't Oostelyckste deel van Oost-Indien: met alle de Eyelanden daer onder gelegen van Cabo Comorin tot aen Iapan. 't Amsterdam By Iohannes van Loon, Plaetsnyder en Zee caert-maker'.
6. 'Pascaerte vande Zuyd-Zee tusschen California en Ilhas de Ladrones 't Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon, Plaet-snyder en Zee caert-maecker'.
7. 'Pascaerte van Nova Hispania, Peru en Chili. 't Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon, Plaetsnyder en Zeecaertmaker'. This chart is derived from Hendrick Doncker of 1659, "although here its presentation is less cluttered, lacking the insets of the earlier map. It improves on Doncker of 1659, by incorporating the east coast of Central America, a feature that Doncker would later add to his own. The nomenclature is largely similar, with the notable exception of the addition of 'P. Sir Francisco Drac'. The South American coastline is extended further south" (Burden 369).
8. 'Pascaerte vande Straet van Magalaen Synde 't Suydlyckste gedeelte van America, van C. S. Antonio tot C. de Hoorn; en inde Zuyd-Zee tot Val Parayso. 't Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon Plaetsnyder en Zeecaert-maecker'.
9. 'Pascaarte van Brasil, van Rio Grande tot Rio de la Plata.'t Amsterdam. By Iohannes van Loon, Plaetsnyder en Zee-kaertmaker'.
10. 'Pascaerte van't Westelyckste deel vande Spaense Zee, Tusschen Brasil, de Zoute en Vlaemse Eylanden, en voort westwart op.'t Amsterdam, By Ioh: van Loon Plaetsnyder'. This chart is derived from the Theunis Jacobsz map of c1650, "although here the perspective is with the west at the top. Van Loon introduces English nomenclature, conspicuous in its exclusion from the earlier Colom and Doncker charts. He even goes as far as omitting New Amsterdam. Nearby are the Connecticut settlements of 'Stamfort' and 'Nieu haven', and the Massachusetts coast bears 'Pleymouth', 'Briston' and 'Baston'. The title cartouche is decorated with an unusual array of reptiles" (Burden 368).
11. 'Pascaerte van de cust van Guaiana ofte de Wilde Cust; en't Noorder deel van Brazil, met de gelegentheyt vande vermaer: de Rivier van de Amazones, tusschen villa d'Olinda de Pernambuco en R. Oronoque. 't Amsterdam, By Johannes van Loon, Plaetsnyder en Zeecaert-maker'.
12. 'Pascaarte vande vaste Cust en Eylanden van Westindien, Als mede de Virginis en Nieu-Nederland, van C. Droge tot C. Cod. 't Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon, Plaet-snyder en Zee-caart-maker'. The chart is derived from the Hessel Gerritsz of c1631, with some differences. "The east coast of North America is extended further north to include Cape Cod, which is the exception to the purely Dutch nomenclature. New Amsterdam is not named. Following Blaeu's version of 1635, van Loon includes a west coast to Central America. He adorns the Pacific Ocean with a ship for the first time" (Burden 367).
13. 'Pascaerte vande Caribes, S. Iuan de Porte Rico, de oosthoeck van I. Spangnola als mede de vaste cust van Nueva Andalusia met de eylanden daer omtrent gelegen. Nieu-lyckx uutgegeven t Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon Zeecaertmaeker en Plaet-snyder'.
14. 'Pas caerte van Nieu-Nederland en de Engelsche Virginies; Van Cabo Cod, tot Cabo Canrik. 't Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon, Plaetsnyder en Zeecaertmaecker'. Similar to Hendrick Doncker's map of the previous year. "However, further examination reveals numerous differences that enhance the map's appeal. The coastline of New England is much improved. Drawn from the Janssonius - Visscher series, it continues further north, and although Boston is not identified, Cape Cod is placed in its correct location. A large island in Narragansett Bay is prominently named 'Rood Eylant'. The Connecticut and Hudson Rivers are not depicted, but the coastline of New Jersey is improved with the delineation of the outer sandbanks" (Burden 366).
15. 'Pas-caerte van Terra Nova, Nova Francia, Nieuw Engeland en de grote Rivier van Canada. 't Amsterdam, By Iohannes van Loon Plaet-snyder en Zeecaert-maker'. First published in 1661 by Jan and his brother Gilles van Loon in their 'Zee Atlas'. "It is the earliest Dutch sea chart of the Maritimes… derived from numerous sources, amongst them Blaeu, Champlain, Sanson, and the manuscripts of Gerritsz. Some English knowledge, noticeably of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland, is not employed, even though utilised by Blaeu. Reliance on the latter leads to the omission of Prince Edward Island. The outline of the Grand Banks is drawn from Champlain" (Burden 365). Second state.

Rare. Koeman only records a single example of the edition of 1666 with 34 maps, that held by Yale, although the Yale copy has the imprint of Wilhelmus Goeree on an overslip. Koeman lists a total of 22 copies of all editions dated between 1661-1706. We are only aware of three examples selling at auction in the past 117 years: Sotheby's, 1995, lot 108, £42,200; Sotheby's, 1980, lot 274, £8,500; Sotheby's, 1951, lot 383, £180.


cf. Koeman Loon 2 and 3; Shirley (Atlases) M.LOON-1a and b.