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Coronelli’s rare atlas of the British Isles

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria, 1706. 

Willdey’s rare composite atlas

WILLDEY, George, 1721. 

A fine composite atlas of Leiden

VAN DER HAGEN, Christiaan, 1724. 

Big data in the eighteenth century

TEMPLEMAN, Thomas, 1729. 

The World Described!

MOLL, Herman, 1730. 

Dedication copy of Badeslade’s Chorographia Britaniae’

BADESLADE, Thomas [and] TOMS, William Henry, 1742. 

The Bowles’ post 1763 Treaty of Paris edition of Moll’s Atlas Minor’

MOLL, Herman; and John and Carington BOWLES, 1763. 

A survey of colonialism and commerce in North America

ZATTA, Antonia; and Guillaume Thomas Francois RAYNAL, 1778. 

The XIII United States of America’


The best British mapmakers of the late eighteenth century

FADEN, William; WHITTLE, James and LAURIE, Robert; BOWLES, Henry Carington and CARVER, Samuel, 1783. 

A rare edition of Jefferys’ West India Atlas’

JEFFERYS [Thomas], 1792. 

The Earl of Lonsdale’s copy of Thompson’s Alcedo

ALCEDO, Antonio de, and G.A. THOMPSON, 1816.