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A fine composite atlas of Leiden

VAN DER HAGEN, Christiaan, 1724. 

greeted with distinct disappointment’

STROMCRONA, Nils, 1739. 

Dedication copy of Badeslade’s Chorographia Britaniae’

BADESLADE, Thomas [and] TOMS, William Henry, 1742. 

The first detailed Russian Survey of the Baltic

NAGAEV, Aleksej Ivanovic, 1757. 

Bonne’s miniature maritime atlas

BONNE, Rigobert, 1762. 

The Bowles’ post 1763 Treaty of Paris edition of Moll’s Atlas Minor’

MOLL, Herman; and John and Carington BOWLES, 1763. 

The first atlas of Russia bound together with Makhaev’s monumental map and views of St Petersburg to the glory and honour of the Russian Empire”

DELISLE, Joseph Nicolas [and others] [together with] [MAKHAEV, Mikhail Ivanovich, TRUSKOTT, I.F., SOKOLOV, I. and others]., 1771. 

The best British mapmakers of the late eighteenth century

FADEN, William; WHITTLE, James and LAURIE, Robert; BOWLES, Henry Carington and CARVER, Samuel, 1783. 

The XIII United States of America’


Composite pilot containing charts by Nordenanker and Klint

NORDENANKAR, Johan; KLINT, Eric; KLINT, Gustaf af, 1785. 

The route from London to St Petersburg

SAYER, Robert, 1790. 

A rare edition of Jefferys’ West India Atlas’

JEFFERYS [Thomas], 1792. 

Luffman’s rare pocket atlas of England and Wales

LUFFMAN, John, 1806. 

the great cartographic project of his life’

FLEURIEU, Charles Pierre Carlet, 1809. 

Rare Pilot of the Gulfs of Finland, Riga, and Bothnia

SPAFARIEFF, Leonty, 1817. 

Rare Swedish Atlas in a Flag Binding

KLINT, Gustav af, 1820.