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The most complete sea atlas by the van Keulens”

KEULEN, Gerard van, 1708. 

Willdey’s rare composite atlas

WILLDEY, George, 1721. 

A fine composite atlas of Leiden

VAN DER HAGEN, Christiaan, 1724. 

greeted with distinct disappointment’

STROMCRONA, Nils, 1739. 

Dedication copy of Badeslade’s Chorographia Britaniae’

BADESLADE, Thomas [and] TOMS, William Henry, 1742. 

The first detailed Russian Survey of the Baltic

NAGAEV, Aleksej Ivanovic, 1757. 

The Bowles’ post 1763 Treaty of Paris edition of Moll’s Atlas Minor’

MOLL, Herman; and John and Carington BOWLES, 1763. 

The best British mapmakers of the late eighteenth century

FADEN, William; WHITTLE, James and LAURIE, Robert; BOWLES, Henry Carington and CARVER, Samuel, 1783. 

The XIII United States of America’


Composite pilot containing charts by Nordenanker and Klint

NORDENANKAR, Johan; KLINT, Eric; KLINT, Gustaf af, 1785. 

The route from London to St Petersburg

SAYER, Robert, 1790. 

A rare edition of Jefferys’ West India Atlas’

JEFFERYS [Thomas], 1792. 

the great cartographic project of his life’

FLEURIEU, Charles Pierre Carlet, 1809. 

Rare Pilot of the Gulfs of Finland, Riga, and Bothnia

SPAFARIEFF, Leonty, 1817. 

Rare Swedish Atlas in a Flag Binding

KLINT, Gustav af, 1820.