We are the world’s leading dealer in rare atlases by mapmakers such as Blaeu, Mercator, Ortelius, Ptolemy, Speed, and Waghenaer.

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Rare English edition of Colom’s Mediterranean Sea pilot

COLOM, Arnold, 1660. 

First atlas of China made in Europe

BLAEU, Johannes, 1662. 

Levanto’s rare pilot of the Mediterranean

LEVANTO, Francesco Maria, 1664. 

A rare Mediterranean Straights Book’

GOOS, Pieter, 1669. 

The first folio world atlas printed in England

BLOME, Richard, 1670. 

Unrecorded Spanish edition of the First Sea Atlas of America

ROGGEVEEN, Arent, 1690. 

The basis for all modern chart making of the area’

GEDDA, Peter, 1695. 

Fine atlas of Southern Holland in full original colour

HOOGHE, Romeyn de; Jan & Caspar LUYKEN; Heyman van DIJCK, 1701. 

Coronelli’s rare atlas of the British Isles

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria, 1706. 

A Colony of Beavers

MOLL, Herman, 1708. 

The most complete sea atlas by the van Keulens”

KEULEN, Gerard van, 1708. 

Willdey’s rare composite atlas

WILLDEY, George, 1721.