Coronelli’s rare atlas of the British Isles

By CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria, 1706 

Isole Britanniche.

British Isles
  • Author: CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria
  • Publication place: [Naples]
  • Publisher: con licenza de’ Superiori
  • Publication date: 1706.
  • Physical description: 3 parts in one volume. Oblong folio, 3 engraved vignette title-pages: Inghilterra’, La Scozia’ and Irlan:da’, 3 pages of letterpress, 3 leaves of royal arms, 4 royal portraits, 4 large folding maps, 72 maps and views, some folding; old vellum over paste-board, endpapers renewed, title in manuscript on paper spine label.
  • Dimensions: 210 by 290mm. (8.25 by 11.5 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 16314


A composite atlas of maps and views from Coronelli’s intended series, Teatro della guerra, diviso in XXXXVIII. parti, in cui sono esattamente delineati … i regni, le provincie, le cittá, le fortezze … descritti fin l’anno 1700 i regni. le provincie, le città … dell’ Europa, Asia, Africa, e dell’una, e l’altra America, in pianta, in veduta, o in elevazione, colle nuove loro fortificationi’, representative of the countries which fought in the War of Spanish Succession (1701–1713), and destined for the members of the Accademia Cosmografica degli Argonauti’. In the end, the work did not materialize, however, some parts were published, as here. The current example of the Isole Britanniche’, parts 4 and 5 of the Teatro…’ compares with that the British Library, which also has 80 engraved plates. In addition to maps of England, Scotland and Ireland, the current atlas includes maps of Bermuda, Iceland, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Maps and plates:
Anna…’, oval portrait of Queen Anne
Untitled folding view of Minerva in front of the Palace of Westminster
Isole Britanniche Delineate dal Coronelli
Guglielmo III re della Gran Bretagna’, large folding portrait of William III, laid down
Anna Angliae et c. Regina’, oblong portrait of Queen Anne
Equitum Gateriae Angliae’
Parte meridionale del Regno d’Inghilterra’, large folding map of southern England
Parte settentrionale del Regno d’Inghilterra’, large folding map of northern England
XXXII nome de venti praticati dagl’Inglesi
Londra – Edemburgo
Londra, Westminster, York, Winsoi (Windsor), Cantorbery (Canterbury), Rochester
Dublin, Chester, Edemburgo, Exester, Carlile, Durham
Eniskelling, Londonderry, Kinsale, S. Assaph, Galway, Limerick, Flint, Debigh, Harlieg, Radnor, Montgomery, Corke
Chiefe, ed alter Fabbriche, che s ofservano nella Strada commune, viaggiando l’Inghiterra’, folding views of castles and churches
Ponti cospicui dell’Inghilterra’, folding views of bridges
Untitled folding views of castles and bridges
Fiume Tamigi’, folding chart of the River Thames
Londra’, folding plan, torn with early repair on verso
Ecclesia S. M. le Bour Londini
Soesdyck, palazzo di delicie del re
Somerset House
White Hall’
Cathedralis S. Pauli Londini
Westminster Hall
Borsa Reale di Londra
Maniera di smorzare gl incendi’
Untitled view of a water pump tackling the fire of London T.II.c.iio“ 
Cathedralis Ecclesia Salsbury
Prospetto di Windsor
Prospello di Windsor — Altro prospetto di Windsor’, folding
S. Peters Church abbazia di Westminster
Guild Hall
Torre di Londra
White Hal
Prospetto di Windsor’, folding
Collegium Regale de Etona prope Winsor’

Stemma R. Scotiae’, royal arms of Scotland
Scotia parte meridionale’, large folding map of southern Scotland
Scotia parte settentrionale’, large folding map of northern Scotland
La Scozia
Edenburgo metropoli della Scozia
Edenburgo o Edenburgum, metropoli della Scozia
Spiagge d’Irlanda da Corck a Slynhoost
Isole Fero o Farre’, folding
Foce del Tamigi
Bocca del fiume Tamigi’, bound upside-down
Nordwich capitale del contado di Norfolk
Yorke Eboracum
Galwaia, Galvay, e Gallive
Collegium B. Mariae Prope’ Winton
L’Isole Ebridi’, folding
I. Jarsey olim Caesarea
Piagge dell’Inghilterra da Portland a Lezard
Piagge d’Inghilterra da Fierley a Poortland
Wight I’
Passo di Cales
I. Garnsey
Isole Orcadi
I. Farne
Isola Anglesey
D’ Irlanda Mani
Coste d’Inghilterra fra Capo Lezard e Portland’

I. Bermude’, folding

Stemma antiquum R. Hiberniae — Stemma hodiernum R. Hiberniae
Piagge d’Irlanda da Porto Scheeps a Drodagh
Coste dell’Irlanda da Capo de Hoorn a Slynehead’

Isola d’Islanda’, folding
Arcipelago del Mexico’, folding

Vincenzo Coronelli (1650–1718) mainly lived and worked in Venice, but an opportunity arose to make his name when an early commission for two globes for the Duke of Parma brought him to the attention of the Cardinal d’Estrées, who summoned him to Paris to create two huge globes for Louis XIV. He was made royal cartographer to Louis XIV in 1681 as a result, and worked in Paris for two years. On his return to Venice, Coronelli was made cosmographer to the Republic, and granted a stipend of 400 florins a year.

In addition to globes and globe gores, he issued the Atlante Veneto’ in 1691, which was intended to be an extension of Blaeu’s atlas in three parts, covering hydrography and ancient and modern geography. One of the volumes was an isolario.

Coronelli also founded the world’s oldest surviving geographical society, the Accademia degli Argonauti, named for Jason and the Argonauts, the adventurers who set out to find the golden fleece; their symbol was the globe surmounted by a ship in full sail. A list published in the Epitome cosmografica’ in 1693 reveals that the society counted princes, ambassadors and cardinals amongst its members. They were to receive a minimum of six copper engravings a month, creating a guaranteed market for Coronelli’s productions. Before his death, he had managed to produce six volumes of what he hoped would be a comprehensive encyclopedia, the Biblioteca universale sacro-profana’.

Rare: only two examples of the Isole Britanniche’ have sold at auction in available records, with one appearing twice, most recently at Christie’s in 2006, when it was bound with Coronelli’s Oxoniae, atque Cantabrigiae Universitates’.

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