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First atlas of China made in Europe

BLAEU, Jean 

The first atlas illustrated with woodcut maps

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; translated by ANGELUS, Jacobus, and edited by Nicolaus GERMANUS., 1482. 

The geometrization of space: the most important of all the Ptolemy editions”

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; and Martin WALDSEEMULLER, 1513. 

Servetus — the expurgated edition — with contemporary hand-colour

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius; and Michael VILLANOVANUS, known as SERVETUS’, 1541. 

A Scottish astronomer of considerable reputation”

BASSANTIN, Jacques, 1557. 

Bordone’s Isolario in contemporary binding

BORDONE, Benedetto di, 1565. 

The first atlas’

MERCATOR, Gerard; Jodocus HONDIUS, 1613. 

First edition of Magini’s Italia

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio, and Fabio, 1620. 

From the inventory of the Van Keulen family of cartographers

CLOPPENBURG, Johannes, 1630. 

The first folio Sea Atlas

JANSSONIUS, Johannes, 1650. 
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