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Seventeenth century Antwerp

[Antwerp] Antverpia Totius Inferiorsae Primaria Urbs Germaniae Nobilissima et Ducatus Brabanti.
VRIENTS, Jan Baptist
Claes Jansz Visscher,
Publication place
Publication date
580 by 2220mm (22.75 by 87.5 inches).
  • Description

    Large engraved panorama, on four sheets joined, contemporary full wash colour, woodcut title in six sections pasted above, three panels of descriptive letterpress text composed of six half-sheets pasted outside the lower border, previously laid on canvas, some restoration with manuscript reinstatement and retouching, relaid on a modern board backing, with stretchers, the title wrongly reassembled after restoration, should be: "Antverpia totius Inferioris Germaniæ nobilissima et ducatus Brabantiæ primaria urbs".

  • Notes

    A rare and finely engraved prospect of Antwerp viewed from the Scheldt, first published by Vrients in 1610, under a privilege issued by Albert and Isabella, Archduke and Archduchess of Austria, governors of the Austrian Netherlands. The plates later came into the hands of the Visscher family, and were reprinted by Claes Jansz. Visscher the younger, presumably Nicolaas Visscher I. This is, apparently, one of three recorded examples with the Visscher imprint.

    The text outside the lower border comprises a history and description of Antwerp, in Dutch, French and Latin.