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Speed's map of Ulster

The Province of Ulster Described
Performed by John Speede and are to be solde by Thomas Bassett in Fleet Street, and Richard Chiswell in St Pauls Church yard,
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379 by 512mm. (15 by 20.25 inches).
  • Description

    Double page engraved map with hand colouring.

  • Notes

    A map of Ulster, with an inset map of Enniskillen Castle. Enniskillen would have been known in Speed's times for its role in Irish rebellions against English rule; it was taken after a siege in 1594.

    John Speed (1552-1629) was the outstanding cartographer of his age. His 'Theatre of Great Britain' was the first atlas of the British Isles: Speed prepared the maps himself about two years before they were published. His maps and books dominated the seventeenth-century English market. After Speed's death, the English printers Thomas Bassett and Richard Chiswell eventually acquired the plates, and decided to reprint Speed's work in 1676. They reset the text, made some corrections to the maps and inserted their imprints on the plates. Bassett and Chiswell's work was a success: "Next to the First Edition, this was the most important folio edition of the 'Theatre' (and probably the largest printing)" (Baynton-Williams).

  • Bibliography

    Ashley Bayton-Williams, 'Subsequent Ownership of Speed's Plates", MapForum.