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A rhinoceros, a griffin and a unicorn

[World Map] Universale Descrttione Di Tutta la Terra Conosciuta Fin Qui
Forllani and Bertelli
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440 by 775mm. (17.25 by 30.5 inches).
  • Description

    Separate published engraved map, on two sheets.

  • Notes

    A fine example of Paolo Forlani's third world map based upon Giacomo Gastaldi's world map of 1546.

    The map bears the same title as Forlani's 1562 world map, however it is considerably larger, and is printed on two sheets. To the bottom Forlani has added an extensive southern continent, which he has populated with numerous mountain ranges, and a host of unlikely animals including a lion, a camel, an elephant, a rhinoceros, a griffin and a unicorn. Two large cherubs' heads backed by butterfly-like wings occupy the upper two corners: in the lower corners are lines of text, including a dedication to Bartolomeo Zacco, although no mention of Gastaldi is made. North America is still joined to Asia, and if Gastaldi's new world map showing the strait of Anian was promulgated in circa 1561 then Forlani has chosen to disregard this innovation.

    This is the second state (with the imprint of Forlani and Bertelli and dated 1565), of seven recorded states of this map. Shirley in his work, 'The Mapping of the World', casts doubt on the date of the first state, 1563, arguing that it is a misreading of the last numeral. The only recorded example of this state being from a dealer's catalogue in 1951.

  • Bibliography

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